too young too old

i go down to the city look up to the sky
see your light in the window
can’t get you out of my mind
is this love or obssession will i live or die
will you ever touch me or will i just fantasize?
i have these feelings keep them down inside
but they rise to the surface and i realize
how much my heart cries every time
i see your face looking into mine
will i ever know if this is love for sure
or am i destined to a life of torture?
in my pain i am pensive doin myself wrong
my loves so intense i’ve got to write this song
i’ve got to play this song this blues song

it’s not in our power there’s no reason why
it’s something familiar it’s the look in our eyes
yes i am too young for games i am too old to die
under your skins the only place i want to climb
it’s that longing for someone to have and to hold
to bathe and to dance in these rivers of gold
cause i am wantin for nothin not glory or gain
only living with music is the dream of my days
cause i am walking the street with beauty and beast
we sing and we scream of the fetid and the feast
and where we are going our hearts only know
but the journey will be down honesty road
so my love this is true it’s the way that i live
if you only hear me i’ve so much to give
we’ve so much to give so much to give
we are too young for games and too old to die
we are too young and too old to die

© sylvi & see through publishing winter / spring 1994 (socan)

on Too Young Too Old CD (2006) SR-05