sure i can

i see booze on the porch and poison by the gate
i ain’t closing any doors but i won’t be late
i’ll be moving on moving through
sure i can when there’s so much to lose

i’ve been down on the floor
with my face to the sky
close to death and wondering why
life can be so cruel be so kind
not above it i’ll be rising fine

now i can wear
a mask of steel
to hide all of the pain
that hurtin people feel
or be laughing through a looser one
crying the blues to be sure to be born

cause there’s rust in the river
Earths bodys / bodies laid bare
and the child within is calling
for all our love and care
so i’ll be thinking now feeling strong
sure i may not be perfect but i won’t be wrong

when there’s an overload of questions
about reason and rhyme
that the calm is disturbed
by the spinning of my mind
i will stop . . . to hear the moving sound
sure to be clear coming round
sure to be clear coming round

© sylvi & see through publishing summer 1989 (socan)

on Coastal Chants CD (2008) Tape (1992)
with Blaine Dunaway & Joseph Pepe Danza