pull the wool

you can pull the wool over some people’s eyes
but not for long you know it all comes out in the wash
so don’t be doing doing me wrong don’t be doing me wrong

just go saying all those things
why don’t you tell them i’m out of my mind
that you’re the one who’s been taking care of me
cause i am helpless deaf dumb and blind
o yeah you were my saving grace
going o get me to work on time
push me over in my wheel chair
help me help me remember my lines
well you know i’m not as needy as you think
thank you thank you i can get it myself
i don’t need i don’t need your kind of love
me and mine don’t belong
on any broken down shelf
tell em i’m just a failure
that my condition is bringing me down
tell em i think too much
and i never stop talking the blues
you know you know you know
i’ll never stop singing o O o O o

just remember to tell them the truth
just remember to tell them about you
just remember to tell the truth
just remember the truth

© sylvi & see through publishing may 1998