new christs for suffering

holding onto the bars of busses arms upstretched
new christs for suffering new crosses to bear
plagues passing from hand to mouth

street dead stumble down stumble on pharoahs filth filtering
to gutters while middle class clean over time washing round the bends
dreaming of a better life following objects in the wake of comets
hailing spiritual bliss in higher flying dimensions

who has time to care to take the pain away
political bandaids for a nation cutting curbs for cost
unidentified pundits preaching salvation and revelations

a tired people over consumed under rated no heroes for the call
cool idols for creation martyrs at the mall lost in isolation
sick by adulation marketed and targeted by our own fears

soak it up sink it in banks own the land bands steal the show
forests stand still over worked or unemployed in record time
cellists play in streets of war no money for the making
no country to call home for a sojourn of heart and strings

blow out sales creating jobs for majorities
while young go to war in arenas iced in steel
shoes made with blood sweaty pedophiles on top
cheering crowd controlled booze for profit / prophet margins

who cares about the millenium? second comings been had?
construction jobs are leaking carpenters can not pay the rent
joseph can’t get work and his sister’s battered by her lover
what happened to the children of God could be a sin
any time any passion any purgatory any place on Earth

future tensed present leading passed over pleading
another child born unto bedlam into this dark light
only beginning to fail to see and hear the writing on the wall
while every one bears witness to tragedy and free will
eternal hope and new christs for suffering

© sylvi & see through publishing 4.14.97