from songs of birdland

my heart is beating like birds wings in motion waking dreaming you are talking to me saying something beautiful i am responding to your calling me to enter the garden leading and following aware of every move and still point in the dance like birds making love with our voices i am dreaming awake opening like a flower you are little inside me and big around me stars flicker in the distant and close present future past future present i feel your love like heaven entering my life forever again at the full blue moon marble statues open eyes in wondrous amazement witnessing our love being born blest in our ceremony of worship i begin coming towards you in contemplative rapture as you swing to and away in motions creating waves of rhythmic joy and ecstasy our hearts flowing as tiny brooks opening into a vast sea i shall live and die in peace knowing true love has sung to me between waking and sleep gentle and kind touching ground and transcendence drinking in cool clear water pristine air and healing sounds in this garden of ambrosia by the clean living well of life sensate being alone and together in simply complex infinite harmony infinite harmony infinite harmony

© sylvi & see through publishing 1996 (socan)