facing lion embracing dragon

facing lion embracing dragon decomposing on the hill
contemplating endings and beginnings

never belonging in the neighborhood in gangs of two or more
wandering i was too often in the woods too deep in the water
too close to the edge bound to rise and fall with an eternal tide

now while mocking crowds grow louder violent
i withdraw into the temple recording colours and rhythms
in vocation and expression of a timeless space i knew
wandering as a cloud singing with water wind and wild
fate carries me home while mirrors reveal
indigo seas and skies turning amber blue

never crazy her hands grow stronger eyes intensely bright
gently rising breaking bread making preserves with loving care
painting poems becoming a body working for a lifetime
out of sight out of mind out of sight out of mind

in no romance hit songs by every byte / bite we sing along
drowning in commodities that have us by the throat
in competitive shame of an industrial wasted world
in booze filled rooms where gladiators play
slaves thrown to lions dens no dragons ever enter

never crazy her eyes grow sad knowing Earths suffering
is the hardest cross to bear born over and over again
i rise and go deeper into the temple to record
voices singing inside mountain sky and water scapes
never crazy her hair grows grey assuring me with water
being human fully alive fly away on wind to wild where
creation living breathing dying living breathing dies breathing

© sylvi & see through publishing oct 1996 (socan)