deconstructing abuse: from battering in the kitchen

i am the village idiot carrying books of wisdom
another eccentric radical scanning text in the library
looking for something a remedy a cure a tincture
to save our souls heal our (w) holes
broken and betrayed carrying too much shame
we are all implicit in the scandal

my mouth is shut and still the words come out
for i am the village idiot and my brain will not go dumb
will not go numb i’m not the only one
to take the blame along with another lashing

battered and abused overwhelmed and overused
till desperate spirits flew when all the rage was far too loud
and only piercing sounds of voices rang
stop that humming and finish scrubbing
till there was nothing left and i left
my senses in the middle of the night
to dance with angels that twinkle in the sky

you didn’t hit me
you threw everything but the kitchen sink
till i cowered in the vegetable box
at the bottom of the fridge
alone and cold and trembling

dreams erased esteem debased
culturally insane clinically intact
deciphering lies in books of fact

i am the village idiot coming back
i am the idiot savant staring back

© sylvi & see through publishing spring 1996 (socan)

on Raven Shadows CD (2006) within the electroacoustic soundscape
De Constructing Abuse (12:30) commissioned by and (2004)