returning to origins
destiny of sound leading home
past angels of revelations
past flowers thorned in desire
past pain and unrequited love
past and through to see
to the source and forward
into compositions of the soul
dreaming into being coastal
beyond words inside books
into the nature of composition
beyond applause and approval
into a deeper strata of acceptance
being one with words and music
a planet in the harmony of spheres
whole within whole within turning

opening doors to humming of drones
expanding like hours speed of sound
replaying in slow motion echoing
horizons of memory and days of soul
yet to come in sonar and over tones

© sylvi and see through publishing april 1996 (socan)

texts from Composition are in th compositions
Penny : a Process (3:o3) on th Presence III CD 2002
Spirit Wheels : Journey (3:oo) on Presence II CD 2000
Canadian Electroacoustic Community –

Penny: a Process is also on the Canadian Music Centre’s
Electricities / Électricités CD 2003 –