100 mph

skid row industrial zone
back drop for hookers
and billboards for cologne
forsaking for toxic air
wo/mans body
and the children we bear

i try to cultivate compassion
till the anger breaks my heart
where’s our hope for life and land
when the system gears to pollute and corrupt?

we are driving 100 miles n hour
we are losing control
counting bodies on the highway
taking a death toll

a man he wears leather gloves to bed
ties up his sister and shoots her in the head
kids laugh at these violent crimes
what ever happened to our peace of mind?

rains fall in dark october
on spirit taken prisoner
forced to lose no choice
but to fight or surrender

i look to the left i look to the right
seeing heirarchies based on money and might
so i sit on this fence i donÕt like
contemplate suicide as the race cars go by

we are driving 100 mph 1000 mph 10,000 mph 1,000,000 mph

© sylvi & see through publishing october 1992

Phoenix (1996) Produced with Colin Nairne at the working studio of The Legendary Hearts