Voices & Wheels CD (2000)

Voices & Wheels CD (2000)www.sylvi.ca


Waves of Kokoro (10:37) 1999

Honourable Mention at International Electroacoustique Musique Bourges – www.IMEB.net



Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape, an audio portrait of the composer(6:39) 1998

Voices: HW & West Coast Canada Soundscape; Violin: Blaine Dunaway; words: HW from interview, improv & thesis “Listening & Soundmaking”; editing, recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac; Soundscape recordings: sylvi & WSP (world soundscape) project archives @ Simon Fraser University (1998)

printed with Waves of Kokoro (10:00) 1999 and article, Conversing with Nature: Reflections on Hildegard Westerkamp’s “Talking Rain” – Musicworks #74, Soundscape Minimalism – http://www.musicworks.ca

Voices on the Edge, Fifth Annual Festival of Women in New Music, features the International Women’s Electroacoustic Listening Room on March 11th, 2006 Cal State Fullerton, 2006 http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/8_2/Madsen.html includes Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape (1998) from Voices & Wheels CD (2000) Voices of a Place orginally printed with article, Conversing with Nature: Reflections on Hildegard Westerkamps Talking Rain – Soundscape Minimalism MW ..74 1999 – http://www.musicworks.ca

SFU 40 Celebrating Electroacoustic Music at Simon Fraser University 1965-2005 – http://www.SFU.ca – concert including Barry Truax, Jean Piché, Martin Gotfrit, Arne Eigenfeldt, Anne Holmes, Martin Bartlett, Hildegard Westerkamp, John Oswald, sylvi macCormac (Voices of a Place)

Ears: Electroacoustic Resource Site – MacCormac, Sylvi (1999). The author describes the work Talking Rain by Hildegard Westerkamp as a music as an intersection between sound and being, acoustics and ecology. This work mixed urban sounds and the sound of rain to demonstrate the possibility of living in ecological harmony. – http://www.ears.dmu.ac.uk/spip.php?rubrique12

Voices of a Place included since 2005 in curriculum at University of Waterloo, Ontario, 20th-century Music, Opera, and World Music, Dr. Laura J. Gray – http://www.grebel.uwaterloo.ca/

Voices of a Place included since 2004 in curriculum of CREATIVE RADIO: New School University, New York, USA, Joan Schuman – http://www.dialnsa.edu

Voices of a Place and Penny: a Process (3:00) included since 2002 in curriculum at SFU, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, Barry Truax – www.SFU.ca

Ear of the Sea International Seascapes Collection 1996-2001 – PL 79, FINLAND – 00024, Yleisradio, Helsinki

En red O 2000. Electric Songs – Sonoscop.Orquesta del Caos – http://ocaos.cccb.org/ – Montalegre, 5. 08001 Barcelona. Spain

EuCuE – serie XIX series 2000-2001 Université Concordia, Quebec – http://cec.concordia.ca

View from the Front 1999 annual showcase of female musicians and composers – http://www.front.bc.ca

Electroacoustic Music by Women Composers, Univ of North Texas, 1999http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/wea2/index.htm

Speaking From Inside the Soundscape, By Hildegard Westerkamp
presented at
Hšr Upp! Stockholm Hey Listen!
Conference on Acoustic Ecology, June 8-13, 1998

Also published in:
1. The Book of Music & Nature, eds. David Rothenberg & Marta Ulvaeus, A Terra Nova Book, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA, 2001

2. in English and Spanish, ZEHAR-67-2010 including CD Blindscapes with Silent Night and Cool Drool (excerpt), ed. Maider Zilbeti Perez, publ. Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia – Arteleku, Gipuzkoa, Spain, 2010.

I would like to thank Sylvi MacCormac for providing excerpts from her composition “Voices of a Place” for this presentation. I would like to thank Henrik Karlsson for giving me the opportunity to speak here. And I would like to thank you all for being here and for listening with me.

Except for the excerpts from Voices of a Place (footnotes 5, 6, and 9), all excerpts are from compositions, film soundtracks or radio programmes by the author.



Voices and Wheels CD 2000 ~ 9 tracks – to hear compositions (while quantities last)  http://SONUS.CA

1. Voices of a Place: Hildegard Westerkamp inside the Soundscape, an audio portrait of the composer (6:39) 1999

voices: HW & West Coast Canada Soundscape; violin: Blaine Dunaway; words: HW from interview, improv & thesis “Listening & Soundmaking”; editing, recordings & composing: sylvi mC2

Soundscape recordings: sylvi & World Soundscape Project archives @ Simon Fraser University (1998) printed with article, Conversing with Nature: Reflections on Hildegard Westerkamp’s “Talking Rain” – Soundscape Minimalism MW #74 – http://www.musicworks.ca

2. Spirit Wheels : Journey – part 1 of Puppet Opera in 3 parts (3:06) WHEEL #3 with the voices of people with (dis) abilities; words & voices: Geoff McMurchy (& metal sculpture), Anastasia Rudkievich Briggs, Jayne Dinsmore, Daniel Hunt, Philip Murphy (& penny whistle traditional … the hag with the money) words, recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac (1997) on Presence II 2000 – http://cec.concordia.ca – performed at Sonic Boom 1999

3. Carving Canoes : For the Wild (4:07) 1999 – 35 mm Film with Photos by John Clarke

words, music, voice & guitar: sylvi macCormac; violins: Blaine Dunaway voices: Water & Ravens @ Simms Creek, Elaho, BC composer : sylvi macCormac
printed on GrrrlswithGuitars Vol 1 (1999) –http://www.grrrlswithguitars.com
printed on UTS’AM / WITNESS CD for John Clarke Xwexselkn (2004)

4. Little Buddhas Dance : Living with Maud (5:50) 1997
words, music, voice, guitar: sylvi macCormac; violin, viola & drum: Blaine Dunaway recordings & engineering: Blaine Dunaway @ Alpha Whizz Studios, Roberts Creek, Sechelt BC, February 1998

5. Waves of Kokoro – electroacoustic soundscape for Kokoro Dance (10:45) 1999 voices: Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabyashi, Crows, Seagulls, Waves from West Coast of Canada recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac – awarded Honourable Mention @ Synthése 1999 – 29e Festival International des Musiques et Creations Electroniques, Bourges, France, June 6, 1999 – http://www.imeb.net printed on Music Works #74 – http://www.musicworks.ca – performed with Kokoro Dance – http://www.sfu.capresented at SONIC BOOM 2003 annual showcase of BC composers / LEAPS Van Pro Musica 1999

6. Railway Lines : Trains of Thought (7:50) 1998 Royal Hudson and 1888 Steam Engine from World Soundscape Project Archives(SFU); Antique Miniature Train recorded @ The Railway Club (Vancouver Canada)
voices: Gordon Cobb & sylvi;
guitar, song/story lines, recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac
A Canadian story about coming home along poetic-aural-historic Railway Lines printed – Deep Wireless CD I 2004 – http://www.deepwireless.ca

7. 8 Directions (8:14) 2002 stereo mix of octophonic composition composed w the Matrix / Audio Box

congas: Albert St Albert
violin: Andrea Dodwell
flute: Christa Lynn
bazouki: Costas Partasides
marimba & gong: sylvi
penny whistle & bagpipe: Matt Welch
birds, rain & thunder: World Soundscape Project archives @ SFU; the rain and thunder were recorded in Italy, the birds in France most of the instruments were recorded in or near the Slendro Gong of the Gamelan, Kaya Madu Sari (venerable essence of honey) @ SFU, Canada; except for WSP
recording & composing: sylvi – performed with musicians @ SFU 2000 and SONIC BOOM 2002

8. Penny : a process (3:07) 1998

voice & penny whistle: Philip Murphy;
words, recording & composing: sylvi a Choir of Voices ? a Flocking of Birds ? an Immense Gong ? Nõ ?
This piece was created with signal processing transforming the source sounds of a penny whistle and the voice of Philip Murphy speaking words from Composition. on Presence III – http://cec.concordia.ca and 2003 Electricities / Électricités http://www.musiccentre.ca – Performed at Sonic Boom 2001

9. De: composing (6:48) 1999

voices: sylvi (de composing),
ship bell; jay hirabayashi (O from Waves o Kokoro)

With thanks to Truax Schafer Westerkamp o the World Soundscape Project @ SFU for guidance & inspiration, to those who gave me the great joy of composing with their voices, to Gordon for harmonic memories, to Geoff & S4DAC for being wheel artists & friends, to Blaine for violin extraordinaire, to my family and friends, to Philip for sharing th love o Gaelic lore & to th Railway Club for th gift of recording th little train