Raven Shadows CD (2006)


Raven Shadows CD (2006)

includes Squamish  Spirit  &  Journey  & Honour  songs 

Raven Shadows CD (2006)

Raven Shadows (2006) & Voices & Wheels (2000)

”macCormac’s two current releases are like her e-mails: They make sense but are nearly incomprehensible. So there is a struggle to understand, not impossible, as there is an intelligence behind both CDs but a challenge nonetheless. Both start off as straightforward singer-writer fare in which macCormac impresses as a Joni Mitchell types but each gives way to tapes of conversation that create a lengthy audioverité that might be listened to once. Combine that with found sound and other abstractions and you have curios dressed as art”

Tom Harrison, The Province, june 20 2006


“Canada is producing some of the most interesting and most talented female singer songwriters…here’s another one called Sylvi…intense, introspective, idealistic…coming from her ownstrong perspective.”

Tom Harrison, CFox 99.3  (1996)http://www.cfox.com/



Raven Shadows CD includes

Echoes  of Home : All the Way from Ireland (18:30) 2000

a portrait of a family with voices (spoken&sung), music, cat purring, clock ticking, train sounds

6  min xcprt presented @ Festival Synthèse 2003, Bourges France, ‘la Mère, le Père’  http://www.IMEB.net