Electricities / Électricites CD (2003) Canadian Music Centre

Electricities / Électricites CD (2003)www.musiccentre.ca

includes penny: a process (3:14) 1998

Presence III CD (2002) CEC.concordia.ca

includes  penny: a process (3:14) 1998

voice & penny whistle: Philip Murphy; words, recording & composing: sylvi.a Choir of Voices ? a Flocking of Birds ? an Immense Gong ? Nõ ? This piece was created with signal processing transforming the source sounds of a penny whistle and the voice of Philip Murphy speaking words from the poem Composition.

Wheel 4 from WHEELS Soundscapes – http://www.VAMS.org

Canadian Music Centre – Electricities / Électricités CD 2003 – including ” the gently haunting ambience of Sylvi MacCormac’s ‘penny: a process’ … ” Electricities/Électricités’ offers 37 new windows in a brief tour into the extraordinarily rich and divers history, geography and currents of Canadian electroacoustic music drawn from the huge catalogue of the Canadian Music Centre’s Distribution Service. ‘Electricities / Électricités’ travels through time, from Hugh LeCaine’s 1957 pioneering and artful experiments with the world’s first ‘Sackbut’ synthesizer on ‘The Burning Deck’ and Ann Southam’s sparse and elegant ‘Reprieve’ from 1979, to the cutting edge and ground breaking contemporary works of Robert Normandeau and Louis Dufort.”