Coastal Chants Tape (1992)

Coastal Chants Tape (1992) with Blaine Dunaway & Joseph Pepé Danza

CFox 99.9, Demo Listen Derby, Best Demo Presentation 1992

Horizon from Coastal Chants Tape (1992) appears in

Child of the Wind : the Story of John Clarke (23:oo) 1995 35 MM

Best Film on Climbing (1995) went to Canadian director and producer Bill Noble for his documentary Child of the Wind. Based on the wilderness adventure legacy of Canadian Coast Mountain explorer John Clarke, the film recounts Clarke’s many first ascents and solo traverses of the remote Coast Mountain terrain on foot and skiis. Bruce Cockburn and Sylvi supply the musical score. – Wilderness Education Program – WEP

Horizon appears on Coastal Chants CD (2008) and Uts’am / Witness CD (2004)