Coastal Chants CD (2008)


Coastal Chants CD & Digital Release (2008)

with Blaine Dunaway & Pepé Danza (50:00)

re-release of Tape (1992) with 5 xtr unreleased trks from Too Young Too Old (1994) and spoken word, Who is She ? Fragile as SuperMan (1:00) (1998)




Last night, Sylvi MacCormac oversaw the CD release of her Coastal Chants at Iron Works. This might be her most accomplished and focused collection, with its pronounced sense of atmosphere and MacCormac’s dusky folk voice. She’s been immersed in spoken word, sound collages and other projects, but she first was recognized as a folk-influenced singer and is impressive in that role.

Tom Harrison, The Province, Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008


CONCERT: Sylvi MacCormac’s Coastal Chants

Stuart Derdeyn, The Province, Published: Friday, November 14, 2008

The E-List, Great things to do weekend with Stuart Derdeyn

Where/When: Siwash Rock, Stanley Park, Coast Salish Territory, tomorrow, noon; Ironworks, 235 Alexander St., Mon., 7 p.m.

Why: This local singer is the sort of person who stops you in the street to play some harmonica and offer you a sonnet. With a firm grasp of spiritual music and lyrical twists and turns, she has honed her art over three albums and is now releasing Coastal Chants. MacCormac keeps good company with guests including Sexy Pierre (violin), Wendy Solloway (bass), Astrid (sax), Alyssa Serpa (guitar), cowboy poet Jeff Standfield, MC Betty Rebel 67 aka T’Uy Tanat / Cease Wyss and Pepé Danza.

Tickets: $10 at the door; others free


“I was stunned with her capture of the transcendance of nature through the lives of the people of the west coast. Sylvi has a very clear and soaring voice. Her songwriting is superb.” Ken Lunn, Blues Skies Music Festival, Ontario 1992


Coastal Chants Tape (1992) w Blaine Dunaway & Pepé Danza (50:00)

won Best Demo Presentation  in CFox 99.9, Demo Listen Derby, 1992


Horizon from Coastal Chants appears on Uts’am / Witness CD (2004)

and in the film, Child of the Wind, the story of John Clarke (1995)


  Best Film on Climbing (1995) went to Canadian director and producer Bill Noble for his documentary Child of the Wind. Based on the wilderness adventure legacy of Canadian Coast Mountain explorer John Clarke, the film recounts Clarke’s many first ascents and solo traverses of the remote Coast Mountain terrain on foot and skiis. Bruce Cockburn and Sylvi supply the musical score. – Wilderness Education Program – WEP