sylvi macCormac & Horizon – press kit

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Aural Shadows

Aural Shadows Sylvi MacCormac – Aural Shadows Video #897 of 1000 – For DAY897 of EveryDayMusic on Sept. 14, 2014. Recorded live at the Roundhouse Community Centre during Project Everybody on Sept.10, 2014 in HD (XA10 in 1080p).

The Feather

  “Sylvi macCormac has her video on YouTube. Confined to a wheelchair due to her multiple sclerosis, macCormac recorded The Feather with Blaine Dunaway at the Vancouver Adapted Music Society’s studio at G.F. Strong. The vid poignantly interpolates a younger, standing macCormac singing her song.” Tom Harrison, The Province, July 2013 Feather will feature in […]

THE STRONG SESSIONS ALBUM ‘Little House Big World’ was a song running in my head for years, so when i heard a traditional Phillipino song called ‘Bahay Kubo’ about a little hut with a garden with vegetables to share, i was inspired to ask friends to help me translate my song into various languages – Tagalog (Phillipino), Italian, […]

BLACK VELVET WHITE LIGHTNING : Christopher Ward, an audio-portrait with music eXamples – songwriter – composer – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLACK VELVET WHITE LIGHTNING : Christopher Ward, an audio-portraitwith music eXamples (2015) BLACK VELVET Alannah Myles Christopher Ward & David Tyson SATISFACTION Rolling Stones Keith Richards Mick Jagger JOHNNY B. GOODE Chuck Berry STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Led Zeppelin Robert Plant Jimmy Page MAYBE YOUR HEART Christopher […]

DEAR BUTTERFLY at Mouthpiece Oct 3 at 2pm VECC

DEAR BUTTERFLY Direction & Music: sylvi macCormac – Poetry & Paintings: Kirsteen Main – Choreography & Dance: Sarah Lapp & Harmanie Taylor – Costume Design: Diana McKenzie – Video: Jamie Nesbitt – Voices: Carolyn Main, John Murphy, JQ, David Craig, FS, Navdeep Matharoo – Guitar: David Craig – Thank You to Everyone, Cat Main, Jeffrey […]

Radio Art from Canada

Railway Lines : Trains of Thought (7:50) from Deep Wireless CD I also appears online at Third Coast Festival Radio Art from Canada – sylvi macCormac writes : Railway Lines: Trains of Thought stretches the Boundaries of Radio by collaging sound, story and song in an aural journey. This composition strives to extend […]


SOUNDSCAPE ARTIST FOLLOWS BEAT OF DIFFERENT DRUMMER Kickstart Festival of Disability Arts kicks off at Roundhouse Sylvi MacCormac credits her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis in 1982 at the age of 21 for her decision to create music full-time. Jennifer Thuncher / Vancouver Courier – September 5, 2013 Sylvi MacCormac’s life course changed forever when she […]


Mixing Media Sylvi MacCormac introduced herself as a songwriter but her succeeding releases have incorporated soundscapes (of varying lengths and of interest). On Sept 6 & 7 MacCormac will combine both at the Roundhouse during the Kickstart 5 Festival Of Disability Arts. On the same bill is the estimable Crista Couture. MacCormac is at the […]

WFMU ! New Jersey Radio airs Railway Lines : Trains of Thought (7:50)

WFMU ! Zzzzzzero Hour with Bill Mac: Playlist from July 27, 2013 includes Sylvi MacCormac Railway Lines Deep Wireless 1: Radio Art Compilation New Adventures in Sound Art 0:19:11 (Pop‑up) WFMU-FM is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. It is […]