PAULA MATTHUSON guest composer at SPLICE Festival 2017




Delighted to be one of the featured composers at this year’s SPLICE Festival! 2017

The festifal runs from June 11 – 17 at Western Michigan University, USA

Paula Mathusen guest composer at SPLICE Festival Workshop included

Voices of a PlaceHildegard Westerkamp
inside the Soundscape (8:00) by sylvi macCormac 1998

Wheel No. 7 with Dal Richards & Friends (7:00)

by sylvi macCormac 2015 from
WHEELS Soundscapes: Voices of People with Dis Abilities


SPLICE Institute 2017

The third annual SPLICE Institute was held in June 2016 at Western Michigan University. Featuring guest faculty members Mari Kimura and Paula Matthusen, the theme of the 2017 Institute workshops was Coding Extensions, which included a beginner and advanced SuperCollider workshop, in addition to workshops related to working with JavaScript in Max, Max for Live, and signal processing in Gen. There were introductory workshops that explored extensions of digital audio workstations and an introduction to Max.


  • Paula Matthusen, guest composer
  • Mari Kimura, guest performer

  • Christopher Biggs, composition
  • Per Bloland, composition
  • Richard Johnson, composition
  • Keith Kirchoff, performance
  • Elainie Lillios, composition
  • Adam Vidiksis, compostion & performance
  • Samuel Wells, performance


SPLICE Institute 2017 featured 9 concerts of music for instruments and electronics with 29 world premieres. Programs are available at the links below.

June 12, 2017
Mari Kimura, violin
June 13, 2017
Sam Wells, trumpet w/ the Western Brass
June 14, 2017
Paula Matthusen, electronics and Mari Kimura, violin
June 15, 2017
Keith Kirchoff, piano & harpshicord and Adam Vidksis, percussion
June 16, 2017
SPLICE Ensemble w/ Mari Kimura and Paula Matthusen
Jun 17, 2017
Participant Concert I
Participant Concert II
Participant Concert III
Participant Concert IV

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