The Feather


“Sylvi macCormac has her video on YouTube. Confined to a wheelchair due to her multiple sclerosis, macCormac recorded The Feather with Blaine Dunaway at the Vancouver Adapted Music Society’s studio at G.F. Strong. The vid poignantly interpolates a younger, standing macCormac singing her song.” Tom Harrison, The Province, July 2013

Feather will feature in an upcoming book/dvd that will include footage of sylvi, who has multiple sclerosis, when she was standing and playing guitar.



sylvi macCormac recording The Feather at Vancouver Adapted Music Society’s fully-accessible recording studio.

sylvi’s music runs from folk to cinema-for-the-ears soundscapes. Her songs have a particular depth.

The VAMS recording studio, located at GF Strong Rehab Centre, has all-custom equipment that makes music accessible.

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