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Sylvi MacCormac Railway Lines
Deep Wireless 1: Radio Art Compilation
New Adventures in Sound Art
0:19:11 (Pop‑up)

WFMU-FM is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. It is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.

The station also broadcasts to the Hudson Valley and Lower Catskills in New York, Western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania via its 90.1 signal at WMFU in Mount Hope, NY. The station maintains an extensive online presence at WFMU.ORG which includes live audio streaming in several formats, over 8 years of audio archives, podcasts and a popular blog.

Rolling Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, CMJ and the New York Press have all at one time or another called WFMU “the best radio station in the country” and the station has also been the subject of feature stories in The New York Times and on the BBC. In recent years the station has gained a large international following due its online operations and counts Simpson’s creator Matt Groening, film director Jim Jarmusch and Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed, among others, as devoted fans of the station.

Railway Lines
i was born
onto the railway line
train ran right over me
didnt see it coming?
did you see it coming?
or love is blind
what would my father say?
what would your mother say?
what would our brothers say
if the mountains fell into the sea?
made a million
lost another
in fools gold
now i’m on my third
only the best
in guinness
i was thrown
onto the railway line
train ran right over me
didn’t see it coming?
did you hear it coming?
or love is blind
i was born onto the railway line
train ran right over me . .
© sylvi & see through publishing may 1998 (socan)
in Railway Lines : Acoustic Tracks (3:40) on Raven Shadows CD (2006)
in electroacoustic soundscape Railway Lines : Trains of Thought (7:50)
on Voices & Wheels CD (2000) – on Deep Wireless 1 CD (2004)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DEEP WIRELESS CD I 2004 includes Railway Lines : Trains of Thought (7:5o)
Witness : Round Journey (7:oo xrpt), does this SOUND like me ? (8:30 xrpt) online

NAISA – New Adventures in Sound Art –
CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation –

Commission by NAISA & CBC
De Constructing Abuse (12:30) 2004
published on Raven Shadows CD (2006)

Now in its third year, New Adventures in Sound Art is again producing the commission/residency opportunity as part of Deep Wireless, co-produced with CBC Radio’s “Out Front” and Charles Street Video. 2004 Deep Wireless artists are Marilyn Lerner, sylvi macCormac, Marion van der Zon and Richard Windeyer, with peices broadcast on CBC Radio from May 24-27 and spatialized versions presented on May 28th & 29th as part of the “Radio Theatre” performances at the Latvian House.

Radio art from Canada via the Deep Wireless compilation CDs 2004

sylvi macCormac on Railway Lines: Trains of Thought stretches the Boundaries of Radio by collaging sound, story and song in an aural journey. This composition strives to extend the familiar structures of radio and music, by transforming sound sources with signal processing and combining them in creative ways, while inviting the listener into an imaginary journey along metaphoric Railway Lines. A child of Irish Immigrants who grew up on the West Coast of Canada, though no longer able to walk or play an instrument because of Multiple Sclerosis, I am “still brave” because of my community and because Electroacoustic Soundscape composition and “New and Improved” Radio provides me access to transcend Dis-Ability and continue to explore Fields of Sound. The Railway has both transported and run over many lives, both first nations and immigrants, in its quest for expansion and development. The Railway, while being sold out from under our feet, is still symbolic of various lines (commodities/communication/cultures) that break us apart and vibrant lines that bind us together as community in the unique and changing cultural horizon that is Canada.

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