to hear an excerpt of Witness: Round Journey by sylvi macCormac

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for John Clarke Xwexwsélkn 1945-2003

xálek’ sekyu siyám / chief ian campbell – sxwi7shenalkwlh (3:o2)
sandy scofield – all my relations (2:14)
veda hille – plants (2:56)
bruce cockburn – child of the wind (4:o8)
barry truax – island (3:o3 xrpt)
sylvi macCormac – carving canoes (3:55)
sandy scofield – broken land (3:35)
hildegard westerkamp – beneath the forest floor (3:20 xcrpt)
buffy sainte-marie – starwalker (3:o3)
kinnie starr – red%x (4:oo)
shel neufeld – midnight forest run (3:55)
sylvi macCormac – horizon (5:oo)
anthony mcnab favel – northern loon (1:55)
sylvi macCormac – witness : round journey (18:oo)
with Squamish Spirit, Journey & Honour Songs
jeremy williams – wind in the cedars (2:oo)
spakwus slúlem / eagle song dancers – takaya / wolf song (8:1o) telélsemkin siyám / chief bill williams,
song & narration by s7áplék / Bob baker

co-produced by sylvi macCormac, T’Uy’Tanat Cease Wyss,
artistic director Slanay Spakwus Nancy Bleck http://www.nancybleck.com
executive producer Telélsemkin Siyám Chief Bill Williams – http://www.squamish.net
designers Slanay Spakwus Nancy Bleck & Terry
photos by Slanay Spakwus, Shel Neufeld, John Clarke
Huy Chewx A / Thank You to Artists, Volunteers, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, EMI Canada, True North Records, Lisa Baile, Round House Community Centre & Squamish Nation.
(p) 2004 UTS’AM/WITNESS (c) Composers/Writers (socan / ascap)

Witness: Round Journey (20:00) 2000
Huy chewx a / Thank you for the honour and for listening. This is my attempt at an expression of the essence of Uts’am / Witness through sound. “We have never stopped being nature” (Slhalnãy Sp’ãkwus Nancy Bleck ). We will never stop being nature unless nature itself ceases to exist. We are voices of the city, country, forest and wilderness.
Soundscape composed with Squamish Spirit Song, Journey Song and Honour Song as sung by Telálsemkin Siyám Chief Bill Williams, Kwalucton, William Nahanee, Aaron Nelson-Moody et al. Wilderness Soundscapes and Voices were recorded around the Elaho River, the Carnegie & Roundhouse Commmunity Centres Coast Salish Territory Vancouver BC Canada 97-99. Voices: Telálsemkin Siyám, Nancy Bleck Slhalnãy Sp’ãkwus, John Clarke Xwexwsélkn , Amir Ali Alibhai, Paul Hundal, Joan, Drew Leetham, William Nahanee, Aaron Nelson-Moody, Shel Neufeld, a young english boy, Marie Preissl, Bob Turner, Ceise Wyss and a young squamish girl.

Thanks also to http://www.SFU.ca/~Truax for guidance and Charlie Richmond et al to be able to compose in Surround Sound with the Audio Box. http://www.richmondsounddesign.com This is a stereo mix of an octophonic work composed w th Audio Box @ Simon Fraser University 2000.
Uts’am & Cedar WomanSoundscape w Fabric Installation by Andrea Zimmer, RoundHouse 2001
Audio Engineering Society ,Vancouver Chapter, Landmark 2001 – Witness: Round Journey & Talk “Field o Sound: is Stochastic a Dirty Word ? Soundscape Composition w the Audio Box”

Performed at LEAPS (Live Electronic Arts Performance Series)
Van Pro Musica w photos in slow dissolve by John Clarke Xwexwsélkn 2000
Emily Carr University of Arts & Design, Faculty presentation of
Witness: Round Journey with the photography of Nancy Bleck Slhalnãy Sp’ãkwus 2000

Deep Wireless I CD 2004
Witness: Round Journey (7:10 xcrpt)

with Railway Lines: Trains of Thought – http://www.deepwireless.ca

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