WAVES OF KOKORO (2009) Video by Gene Greenwood in Deep Cove, BC, Canada
‘Waves of Kokoro’ from VOICES & WHEELS (2000) by sylvi macCormac

Eadwacer do you hear? – From Wulf and Eadwacer a 7th Century Poem in the Exeter Book.
Speculative translation reads Eadwacer as either Skywatcher or Earthwatcher

Thank You Gene Greenwood !

sylvi macCormac – www.sylvi.ca

sylvi received Honourable Mention at the International Musique Electroacoustique Bourges, France (1999) for Waves of Kokoro, with the Voices & Breaths of Kokoro Dances Barbara Bourget & Jay Hirabayashi, Birds & West Coast Soundscape – http://www.IMEB.net –

Waves of Kokoro – electroacoustic soundscape for Kokoro Dance (10:45) 1999 voices: Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabyashi, Crows, Seagulls, Waves from West Coast of Canada recordings & composing: sylvi macCormac – printed on Music Works #74 – http://www.musicworks.ca – performed with Kokoro Dance – http://www.sfu.ca – presented at SONIC BOOM 2003 annual showcase of BC composers and LEAPS Van Pro Musica 1999

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