VAMS MUSIC SAVES Project was developed to create awareness of VAMS and the wonderful work it does to help create a level playing field for the disabled. This video is an example of how we believe that music can have an incredible positive influence in peoples lives therapeutically and creatively. Programs such as this are important to recognize and support. We believe that music makes a difference and can heal, enrich and inspire positivity and creativity. –

MUSIC SAVES – Vancouver Adapted Music Society’s Music Saves Video Projectshowcases a stellar array of West Coast music scene names.

Produced by Shore 104 FM, it features Jim Byrnes, Geoff Hicks, Shaun Verreault, The Sojourners, Adaline, Daniel Wesley, Shane Turner, Jets Overhead, and Ndidi Onukwulu join VAMS members Sylvi MacCormac and Rolf Kempf in an amazing cover of Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released.

Jim Byrnes, an original VAMS member and supporter, says the choice of song was “brilliant, because the theme of the song fits so well with the mandate VAMS lives by: music truly sets you free.

“We are all prisoners in some way. We have a physical disability or a mental disability or we’re afraid of something in our lives; but I think this project is an opportunity to show how this music, that we love so much, is a way to set us all free and allows us to be a part of the world that surrounds us.”

VAMS MUSIC SAVES Video celebrates healing power of music.
Vancouver Adapted Music Society supports musicians with physical disabilities.

Straight Goods CD (2008) – – includes Why ? from Phoenix CD (1996) Co-Produced with Colin Nairne at Boneyard Studios, the working studio of Barney Bentall & Legendary Hearts

On the Coast – – August 19, 2009 – Coming up on our next show, a new recording studio for musicians with special mobility needs is making it possible, for them to make music again. VAMS (Van Adapted Music Society) including Bobbi Style, sylvi macCormac, Joe Coughlin with Producer Robert Willis.

THE EXPRESS on SHAW, SEPT 17 @ 3/6/10PM – Interview Filmed at VAMS STUDIO at GF STRONG

Behind the scenes look and the people, names, and faces that contributed the making of the Shore 104 FM VAMS – Music Saves video. Video production in Vancouver by

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