International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    International Day of Persons with Disabilities Thursday, December 3, 2009 1pm-6:30pm at the Roundhouse 3:35pm in centre of Hall : sylvi macCormac will present WHEELS Soundscapes: Voices of People with Disabilities and play very bad Harmonica with Aural Shadows from Raven Shadows CD (2006)


COASTAL CHANTS CD & Digital Release (2008) re-release of Tape (1992) with 5 xtr unreleased trks from Too Young Too Old (1994) and spoken word, Who is She ? Fragile as SuperMan (1:00) (1998)    see through publishing 04 CD / 01 Tape Tom Harrison, The Province, Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 STILL TUNED TO FOLK Last night, Sylvi […]


SoundCrawl:Nashville – – 2009 does this SOUND like me ? (5:42) xrpt w th voices of 21 artists w dis abilities 2001 composed for KickstART! Society for Disability Arts & Culture For the first time ever, Nashville will introduce a sound art festival in conjunction with the city’s monthly Art Crawl. On October 3, Nashvillians […]

Colour Compassion

COLOUR COMPASSION from Phoenix CD (1996) with Barbara Bourget from Kokoro Dance – AD & Papiér Sculpture by Nicole Dextras – Phoenix CD (1996) Co-Produced with Colin Nairne

Small Boy

Small Boy (1:02) is printed on Deep Wireless 6 CD (2009) Cree Nation, Rex Smallboy, speaks about Nepi / Water and tells us that Aski means Earth; Yoten means Wind. Paddle in Lake (recorded by David Murphy – Small Boy, Stringed Instrument & Melismatic Male Vocalist – recorded with permission at Vancouver Folk […]

WHEELS Soundscapes & eContact 11.2

  WHEELS Soundscapes: Voices of People with Dis Abilities – Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) — Music studio for people with disabilities; Mini-Interview with sylvi macCormac In 2008 VAMS launched an accessible space designed to meet the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities and musical capabilities. Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) was […]


VAMS MUSIC SAVES Project was developed to create awareness of VAMS and the wonderful work it does to help create a level playing field for the disabled. This video is an example of how we believe that music can have an incredible positive influence in peoples lives therapeutically and creatively. Programs such as this are […]


WAVES OF KOKORO (2009) Video by Gene Greenwood in Deep Cove, BC, Canada ‘Waves of Kokoro’ from VOICES & WHEELS (2000) by sylvi macCormac Eadwacer do you hear? – From Wulf and Eadwacer a 7th Century Poem in the Exeter Book. Speculative translation reads Eadwacer as either Skywatcher or Earthwatcher Thank You Gene Greenwood ! […]