Canadian Music Centre-Across the Waves-YO! ABLE DIS!-Van Folk Music Festival Soundscapes

Canadian Music Centre‘s Electricities/Électricités CD (2003) includes ”the gently haunting ambience of Sylvi MacCormac’s ‘penny: a process’ … ‘Electricities / Électricités’ travels through time, from Hugh LeCaine’s 1957 pioneering and artful experiments with the world’s first ‘Sackbut’ synthesizer on ‘The Burning Deck’ and Ann Southam’s sparse and elegant ‘Reprieve’ from 1979, to the cutting edge and ground breaking contemporary works of Robert Normandeau and Louis Dufort.”

ACROSS the WAVES ~  ~  ~  Composers Miriam Rainsford and sylvi macCormac enjoy conversation and a cup of tea with cats and radio static   ~  ~  ~

VFMF Soundscapes 1999-2002: Festival Quartet for Solitude – ” Longtime Festival devotee sylvi macCormac is an artist who works with sound. She has created, and gifted to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, an extraordinary work entitled VFMF Soundscapes 1999-2002: Festival Quartet for Solitude. You really need to hear these amazing compositions, a tapestry of ambient sound, spoken word, song and music, to really know what we’re talking about. ”

VFMF Soundscapes 1999-2009 (in process)

YO! ABLE DIS! (transcribed 2008)

The Canadian wilderness and a background in folk music have influenced macCormac’s music, which moves between soundscape and storytelling. She hopes that her music “soothes the soul and bring children and academics and jazz aficionados to spiral dance.” 4 June 2005

Hear sylvi macCormac’s music and interview with

Dennis Bathory-Kitsch @ Kalvos & Damian’s New Music Bazaar – yo able dis ! – text & image

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